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NEW chilli Chick Avo.jpg
Chilli chicken with avocado salad
Pork Belly Pic.jpg
Asian Pork Belly Salad
New Pumpkin and Feta Salad .jpg
Pumpkin and feta salad
IMG_5349 (1).jpg
Caesar Chicken Salad
New Chicken and Chorizo Salad.jpg
Chicken and Chorizo Salad
Yogurt and lime chicken.jpg
Yogurt & Lime Chicken With Spring Salad


Tomato Soup.jpeg
Tomato and Bacon Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients
Cauliflower soup.jpg
Cauliflower Soup
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients

Main Meals

New Bangers and Mash Picture .jpg
Bangers and Mash with Brocolli
Butter Chicken New Picture.jpg
Butter Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
Bacon Cheeseburger Slice PIC.jpg
Bacon Cheeseburger Slice
New Sicillian Chicken.jpg
Sicilian Chicken
Parmesan chicken pic.jpg
Parmesan Chicken & Garlic Sauce
New centred RED CURRY.jpg
Red Beef Curry with Cauliflower Rice
Pork Chilli Con Carne.jpg
Pork Chilli Con Carne
Chicken sun dried tom and chorizo.jpg
Chicken Chorizo & Sundried tomato
Shepherds Pie Pic.jpg
Family Sheperds Pie
lasagna 1.JPG
Beef Lasagna with Salad
New Lasagna and Salad Pic.jpg
Beef Lasagna with Salad
New Carb Chicken pic.jpg
Carbonara Chicken with Vegetables
Parsnip and Cauliflower Mash.jpeg
Parsnip and Cauliflower Mash
Ingredients: Cauliflower, Parsnip, salt, Cream and Smoked Paprika
Caramelised Onion Family Tart.jpg
Family Caramelised Onion Tart
Roast Pork Pic.jpg
Roast Pork and Pumpkin, Brocolli, Cauliflower Cheese
New Chicken Bake Pic.jpg
Creamy Bacon Chicken and Vegetable Bake
New Stuffed Mushroom.jpg
Stuffed Mushrooms
New Vege Bake Pic.jpg
Vegetable Bake
New Breakfast Bake Pic.jpg
Breakfast Bake 
Family Size Lasagna.jpeg
Family Sized Lasagna
New Cauliflower and broccoli bake pic (2).jpg
Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake
Beef Pie Pic.jpg
Chicken Bacon Mushroom Pie


New Choc Cheesecake.jpg
Chocolate Cheesecake
New Lemon Curd Tart.jpg
Lemon Curd Tart 
New Passionfruit Tart.jpg
Passionfruit Curd Tart
New Raspberry Tart.jpg
Raspberry and Lemon Tart
New Blueberry Lemon Muffin.jpg
Blueberry and Lemon Muffin
New Granola bar.jpg
Granola Bar
New Garlic Scroll.jpg
Garlic Scroll
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients
New Bacon and Cheese Scrolls.jpg
Bacon and Cheese Scrolls 
New Cheesymite Scrolls.jpg
Cheesy Mighty Scroll
Peppermint Bownie Balls
Peppermint Bownie Balls
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients
New Peppermint Brownie Balls .jpg
Peppermint Brownie Balls
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients
New Citrus Cupcake.jpg
Citrus Cupcake
Our Chefs will
provide ingredients
New Choc Hempseed Cupcake.jpg
Choc Hempseed Cupcake
New Protein Ballls.jpg
Protein Balls
Protein Powder, Almond Meal, Coconut Coconut Oil, Natural Honey/Syrup, Dates / Cranberries/ Apricots, Chai Seeds, Yoghurt.
Christmas Pudding.jpg
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Berry Mince Pies.jpg
Christmas Berry Pie
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